There are various ways in which you can support Diss Museum.


Buy memorabilia, including DVDs, CDs, booklets, fridge magnets, postcards, bookmarks and a wide range of secondhand books.


Entry is free, but visitors are encouraged to put at least £1 per person in the donations box, to ensure that the museum goes on serving the town.



The museum is staffed by volunteer stewards. We are always on the look out for more. It is a pleasant duty, for just two hours at a time of your own choosing. You meet the world and his wife and help to run the town's main tourist attraction. If you would like to volunteer or receive more information, please contact David Young on 01379 642168 or email

Heritage Triangle

In partnership with the Heritage Triangle committee the museum has put on several events to promote and regenerate the area bounded by the corn hall, church and museum. Please click here for more information.

Friends of Diss Museum

The Friends of Diss Museum (FoDM) have regular meetings, with speakers, and have helped to pay for individual items for the museum. To find out more contact the Membership Secretary David Young on or call 01379 642168 or pick up a leaflet in the Museum. Plans for 2017 events are under way including a new committee for the May 2017 AGM.

On Sunday 11 June, the Friends had a table-top display at Diss Carnival. On 19 May, the Friends held their AGM to elect a new committee:

Mike Clarke - Chairman
Basil Abbott - Vice-Chairman
Peter Hodgson - Treasurer
David Young - Secretary
Brian Horner - Ordinary Member
Sally Payne - Ordinary Member
Janet (Jan) Smith - Ordinary Member
Peter Hodgson takes over from Brian Horner also as delegate to the Trustees.

At the Friends’ next meeting we will hear John Goodhand speak about Inns and Inn Signs, a little observed part of our heritage. Click here to download a poster.

The Grange Musical Collection
Friends of Diss Museum stewards and volunteers greatly enjoyed their visit to the mechanical music collection that Jonny Ling has assembled at his home in Palgrave.

It is wonderful to be in the company of true enthusiasts and this was no exception, Jonny and fellow enthusiast Alan Smith demonstrated everything from the simplest single-melody music boxes to the most sophisticated street organs.

Along the way we heard barrel organs playing lovely old tunes, they can select up to ten different melodies at the turn of an adjustment mechanism, instruments programmed by perforated metal disc, an example of the famous “Pianola” self-playing piano, programmed by a roll of perforated paper – this one was Jonny’s first purchases, aged 14!

These music machines have all been beautifully restored and have all been in service in homes, cafes, theatres and, of course, on the street, powered by crank handle, treadle, clockwork and electric motor and they all have their own unique history.

An afternoon of cheery music topped off by voting for our favourite tunes which ranged from ‘Marriage of Figaro’ to ‘Mr Bojangles’, a lovely end to a warm sunny September afternoon.

Already a stalwart of the Cotton Mechanical Music Museum, we wish Jonny every success with his new venture and look forward to seeing the barrel organs at next year’s Diss Organ Festival on 20 May 2018. This outing was a thank-you from the Trustees of Diss Museum to their volunteers.

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